The Power of Lavender!

Lavender has many incredible properties. The aromatic floral fragrance has the power to calm restless minds and help one relax. Across many cultures lavender has been known through out the world as one of the best natural remedies for insomnia and also known for its anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-depressant, anti-septic and anti-bacterial properties. Lavender oil has been used for thousands of years. The Egyptians used it for perfume, in cosmetics and medicine. The Romans used this amazing oil by putting bundles between there bed sheets to guard against bed bugs and added to their laundry to repel moths, lice and aphids. The English used it for culinary purposes. It doesn’t just stop there, there are so many more amazing benefits to this “angel of all oils.” Listed below are some of its uses. 

Culinary Uses: The fresh edible flowers are making a comeback. It is also growing in poparlarity as a culinary use in the preparation of foods. English lavender has the sweetest fragrance and taste of all lavender species. It is the most common used in cooking. More uses: 

-lavender tea -add to salad -bundles are good for grilling -add to baked goods -add to salt and sugars -add to beverages  

Lavender Beauty Lavender is essential to healing skin disorders, hair care along and balances the mind and body. Aromaology created a collection of Lavender products consisting of candles, body oils, diffusers, body butter and lavender sachets. (Listed in photo is Aromaology body butter, candle, sachet and body oil.)  

Nine Beauty Uses for Lavender: -can be used as a natural deodorant -helps with stretch marks -helps with hair growth -clears up dandruff -add to shampoo and conditioner -relaxes and improves mood -heals burns and scars, acne and eczema -heals dry skin, scars and diminishes wrinkles -great deodorant 

Dried lavender flowers have become popular and are used extensively as fragrant herbal fillers for sachets and herbal pillows. The sachets can be added to drawers, linen, closets, pantry’s, your car and just about anywhere leaving a soft sweet pleasant lingering scent. The dried flowers have grown to replace the rice at weddings, are used as decoration and confetti.  

Incorporating lavender into your daily routine by add it to drinks, to your beauty products, food and baked goods. WLavender has played an important roll in maintaining beauty health and wellness for thousands of years.  

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