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12 Amazing Benefits of Green tea for Skin, Hair, and Health.

Happy National Iced Tea Day. In honor of Tea Day we would to share with you some beneficial properties of one of our Favorite Tea that we consumer daily, Green Tea!

Green tea originated in China and is now one of the most consumed teas all over the world. While many people enjoy the mild taste of green tea, it may have more benefits than simply being a delicious beverage. It can help you become healthier and fight certain types of dis-ease.

Green tea is very popular and well known natural home remedy for several health, hair and skin. You should know about benefits of green tea. We are listing 12 amazing uses and benefits of green tea for hair, skin and health in this article. Green tea is mainly famous for weight loss but there are also many benefits of this amazing remedy.

Green tea contains bioactive compounds that helps to improve your overall health. Green tea has EGCG that is very effective to treat many diseases and protect from several diseases. We will explain about other benefits of green tea in detail below. After gone through this article you will have the best answer of why should use the green tea? And what are the benefits of green tea? So start reading and start using green tea for your health.

Types of Green Tea

  • Gunpowder green tea

  • Houjicha green tea

  • Kukicha green tea

  • Stench green tea

  • Senecha green tea

  • Longjing green tea

  • Genmaicha green tea

  • Matcha green tea

  • Gyokuro


1) Green Tea for Reduce Cancer Risk

As per the NCI (National Cancer Institute) the polyphones present in the green tea act as the anti-cancer property. it also helps to improve the immune system function. Using of green tea can helps from reducing the risk of several other cancers such as lung, skin, breast, liver, colon, and pancreas. Green tea helps in recovery process. You should drink the 3-4 cups of green tea in a day for better result.

2) Green Tea for Heart Health

Green tea is helpful to protect the heart and prevent from the diseases. It also useful to lower bad cholesterol levels that is the main reason for heart diseases. Drinking green tea can be helpful to increase the antioxidant capacity of blood which is beneficial to protects heart from reactive oxygen species and prevents heart attacks.

3) Green Tea for Improve Blood Pressure

Another best benefit of green tea is to improve the blood pressure levels. Generally blood pressure is caused by angiotensin-converting enzyme which is secreted by kidneys. Green tea, is a magically natural ACE inhibitor. Drinking of green tea helps to prevents the action of angiotensin-converting enzyme and helps to lower your blood pressure.

4) Green Tea for Type 2 Diabetes

Green tea is also effectively work for type 2 diabetes. Green tea contains the sensitize cells that helps to metabolize the sugar better and also works greatly for diabetics because it helps to enhances metabolic function. Green tea has polyphones that regulate the glucose levels in your body. This polyphone helps to reduce the type 2 diabetes risk. You should drink 4-5 cups of green tea in a day to reduce the diabetes risk.

5) Green Tea for Weight Loss

Green tea is mostly popular for weight loss. Green tea contains EGCG work magically for loose weight. It has also antioxidant property that boosts metabolism which is act for weight loss. Drink daily and it helps for burning the fat and reduce the weight. Main thing is that the green tea will help to redact the weight very fast.

6) Green Tea for Boosts Immunity

Green tea is also working as immune booster. Green tea contains catechism helps to boost your immune system. As you already know that green tea has present EGCG which has the ability to increase the number of regulatory T cells. These T cells help improving the immune function and recover from autoimmune diseases. So if you are suffering with bad immune system then green tea is the easy and best natural home remedy for you.

7) Green Tea for Treating Down Syndrome

Green tea is also great effective natural home remedy for treating the down syndrome. It has EGCG that can be helpful to improve the symptoms of down Syndrome. Drinking the green tea help protecting your body from cell damage. Cell damage is the main reason for several diseases. So if you controls the cell damage by using green tea then it helps to keep you healthy and fit.

8) Green Tea for Cure Hangovers

Do you want to cure hangovers? Green tea is again help you to help cure hangovers. Green tea contains antioxidants property that is helpful to provide relieve from hangover symptoms. If you are not sure then consult with your family doctor before using the green tea for this problem.

9) Green Tea for Anti-Aging

Everyone wants to be look young always and for this they starts using various creams which filled with chemicals. Green tea is well known natural remedy for anti-aging. Green tea contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidants properties that help to delay skin aging, wrinkles, and dark spots. For this you need to prepare the face mask with green tea and honey. Apply this pack on you face and neck, leave for half an hour. Then wash with lukewarm water. Repeat this pack twice in a week for best result.

10) Green Tea for Acne Treatment

Green Tea is the effective remedy for treating the acne. It helps to remove the acne quickly. You need to prepare the mixture with green tea leaves and half liter water. Leave this mixture for half an hour in ideal situation. After half an hour strain and keep it in refrigerator. You need to use this solution for wash your face 3-4 times in a day. This will effectively help to get rid of acne and provide you the clear and youthful skin.

11) Green Tea for Sunburn

Sunburn is the very common skin problem in the summer season. Green tea helps to recover the sunburn problem. It is also known as natural sunscreen. You can prepare the green tea sunscreen lotion yourself at home. Take half cup green tea leaves and boil these with two cups water for 15 minutes. Then keep aside for cooling this solution. Apply this solution on your face with cotton. Repeat this remedy twice in a day for best result.

12) Green Tea for Hair Growth

Long, thick and strong hair is the desire of everyone. Green tea helps to give you for hair growth. It also helps to control the hair fall and hair loss. Green tea has antiseptic property that helps to prevent and cure several hair problems like dandruff and psoriasis. Green tea is also popular for soften the hair. You need to wash hair with this at home. Just take 4 bags green tea and steeping in half liter water. Rinse your hair with this solution. After that you can do the shampoo with your regular shampoo.

In this post you have gone through 12 amazing benefits of Green tea for Skin, Hair, and Health. Please share this article to your friends so that they can also take the advantage of the green tea benefits.

Let us know in the comments section below your favorite tea.

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